#34 - Holandia

Nadrabiania zaległości ciąg dalszy :]

Dziś Holandia i Houten, Kawiarnia w której postcrosserka lubli pić kawę w słoneczny dzień:)

Today- The Netherlands, Houten, Caffee, where Postcrosser likes  drinking coffee in a sunny day:)
Nice Place:)

Houten is internationally known for its urban design. Because of the city structure, people are encouraged to travel by bike and train. Distinctive qualities of Houten include the accessibility of the railway station, green and water zones throughout the whole city, numerous soccer and basketball fields, high standard of accommodation for different groups and the child-friendly bicycle paths. It is one of the safest cities in the Netherlands. Cyclists and cars are able to avoid each other: an extensive network of bicycle tracks connects the different districts of the town, while cars have to go to the city ring road before they can go to another part of the city.

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